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Coming Monday 4th December

(that's Monday here in SE Asia - it may be Sunday for you!)

Both will be listed.

Only one will be sold.

And then the other returns to the vault for at least 2 years.

Set your alarms for -

  • 7pm (Sunday) PST

  • 10pm (Sunday) EST

  • 3am (Monday) GMT (sorry UK!)

  • 4am (Monday) Paris/Rome/Geneva (sorry Europe!)

  • 7am (Monday) Dubai

  • 10am (Monday) Bangkok

  • 11am (Monday) Singapore and Hong Kong

  • 12pm (Monday) Tokyo

  • 2pm (Monday) Sydney.

Founding Member (15%) and paid subscriber (10%) discounts will be applicable.

Founding members and paid subscribers get exclusive “dibs” for the first seven days.

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