I actually own a 5722-9991 marked 1968 Toshiba 25 yr service in Japanese.

Does anyone know what steel endlinks will fit these watches, Seiko or after market?

I know these came with a leather strap and mine has a SS Bambi oyster with straight endlinks on it currently. I would like curved endllinks instead.



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Those gold 57s are lovely. How does the gold 5722-9900 differ from, say, this steel 5722-9990 on Regalo? https://regalo-watch.com/item/seiko-グランドセイコー2nd-5722-9990-5722bクロノメーター-2/

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Great insights as always! I would love to get one of the 57 gold cases one day...

The additional interesting fact about the 44GS gold cap is that they apparently simply took the 44 King Seiko Chrono case and made it the 44GS gold cap ...

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